Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some vacuum ovens cost $1,500 and some cost $15,000? What is the difference?

I see some vacuum ovens with wire racks or stone shelves. Why do Cascade ovens have solid aluminum shelves?

Why don’t Cascade ovens have heated shelves?

How can I tell how hot my product is when it is in the vacuum oven?

Can I use an IR gun to measure the temperature of my product?

I found a great deal on an HVAC vacuum pump. Can I use it with a Cascade oven?

What kind of pump do you recommend?

Is a bigger vacuum pump better?

What size vacuum oven do I need?

How long should I purge?

Is it beneficial to break vacuum when purging?

Will breaking vacuum cut down my purge times?

Do you offer classes or consulting on extraction?

Do I need a vacuum oven for CO2 extraction?

How do I learn to make extracts?

How hot should I run my oven for making botanical extracts?