Vacuum Pumps

The Right Pump for Solvent, CO2 and Other Types of Extractions

Making clean, safe, consistent herbal extracts requires the right vacuum oven and the right pump. For this application, we recommend using only chemical-duty, oil-free pumps such as diaphragm pumps or dry-scroll pumps.

When choosing a pump, it’s important to consider the size of your oven as well as the level of vacuum the pump can deliver. As a general rule, the pump should have a CFM rating of .5x to 1.5x the volume of your oven. When it comes to vacuum level, we recommend a conservative approach. When it comes to making extracts, bigger and more powerful is not always better.

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For Herbal Extracts, Too Much Vacuum Really Sucks

The goal is to remove solvents and moisture while retaining the other bits of botanical goodness. The whole reason we use a vacuum oven is to reduce the boiling point of the things we want to remove while heating our extracts so that they are just viscous enough to release them (which happens at around 85 to 105 degrees F in most cases).

More vacuum means less pressure, which means compounds boil at lower temperatures. This is true for things you want to remove like solvents and moisture. Fortunately for us, the stuff we want to remove boils off before the stuff we don’t. However, too much vacuum can lower the boiling point of things we want to keep, to a point where they, too, will be purged at relatively low temperatures.

Protect Your Investment with a Trap

When it comes to extractions, the better you take care of your tools, the better they will take care of you. One of the best ways to protect your investment is to use a trap between your oven and pump. Find out which trap is right for you.

Pumps Require Maintenance – Be Prepared

When it comes to purging, the vacuum pump is doing some heavy lifting. At some point, the pump is going to require replacement of the internal workings. Expect to have to replace the seals and diaphragms at least once per year. Cascade sells rebuild kits on our ecommcerce site and in some cases can rebuild pumps for you.


Pumps Offered by Cascade Botanical

Agilent Oil-Free Scroll Pump With “Deep Vacuum” Feature

This pump is rapidly becoming popular with the extraction community based on price, performance, quiet operation and ease/low cost of maintenance. It also features a gas ballast, which allows the operator to pull deeper vacuum if desired.

Ultimate pressure (gas ballast open): 29.90 Inches Hg
Ultimate pressure (gas ballast closed): 29.91 inches Hg
Pumping speed: 2.1 CFM

Maintenance: Replace tip seals every 6-18 months (depending on usage). When the time comes, you can either purchase replacement seals from us on our ecommerce site or ask us about our maintenance service.

Agilent IDP3 Oil Free Scroll Pump

Agilent IDP3 Oil-Free, Scroll Pump with Deep Vacuum Feature

Welch CB 2052 Chemical-Duty Dry Membrane Vacuum Pump

Cascade Botanical Exclusive. Save Over Welch’s Standard 2052B-01

The new CB 2052 replaces the Welch 2052B-01 in our lineup. This pump was engineered and manufactured by Welch specifically for the needs of Cascade Botanical customers. It is identical to the Welch 2052B-01 in terms of looks and performance but costs about $1,000 less. It also comes equipped with a filter trap and the connection kit – no extra accessories to purchase. Take advantage of Welch’s popular pump at tremendous cost savings. Available only from Cascade.

Ultimate pressure: 29.84 Inches Hg
Pumping speed: 2.3 CFM

Maintenance: Replace membranes every 5-15 months (depending on usage). When the time comes, you can either purchase a rebuild kit from us on our ecommerce site or ask us about our maintenance service.

Welch CB 2052

Welch CB 2052 Chemical-Duty Dry Membrane Vacuum Pump