Ryan Martyn PHO WaxRyan Martyn is a man with a mission. That mission, which you can read on his website, is:

To provide you with resources to start a safe, compliant and professional closed loop extraction lab.

For anyone starting extracting, I want to help you find the safest equipment, show you the safest ways to operate your new equipment and teach you the safest, most appropriate ways to purge and finish your product.

That’s a pretty sweet mission if you ask us. Ryan is also an extraction artist. If you follow him on Instagram (@statusrising) you’ll see some very beautiful examples of his work, including some very nice PHO wax he makes with the help of his ExtractionTek extractor. Getting it just right requires the correct tools and a little finesse, but he clearly has his system down.

Why propane? The lower boiling point allows for faster recovery, higher yields and a different flavor profile. The propane is also partly responsible for the color, which tends to be lighter than what you get with butane.

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