Cascade Botanical Redesigns TVO-2B and TVO-5B Vacuum Ovens For Professional Cannabis Industry Use and Announces Low Cost Equivalent of the Welch 2052B-01

Automation-Ready Ovens Offer Greater Ease-of-Use and Accredited Safety Certification. New CB 2052 Vacuum Pump Provides the Performance of the Welch 2052B-01 for $1,000 Less

Cascade Botanical New TVO2

New TVO-2

PORTLAND, Ore. – Aug. 10, 2015 – Cascade Botanical today announced the release of its newest TVO-2 and TVO-5 vacuum ovens, which have been designed specifically to meet the needs of professional cannabis extractors. The company also announced the availability of the new CB 2052 by Welch, an oil-free membrane vacuum pump that offers the identical performance of the Welch model 2052B-01 at a retail cost of about $1,000 less.

The new ovens come standard with a more advanced temperature controller offering new features and functions along with built in over temperature protection. Other improvements include quarter-turn Swagelock valves, a digital vacuum gauge and a retransmit port that allows time, temperature and vacuum data to be exported and logged. In addition, both models are TUV SUD certified, making them the first vacuum ovens in the industry to carry a safety certification from an accredited third party testing lab at no additional cost to the customer.

“Unlike the first generation of Cascade Botanical TVO-2 and TVO-5 ovens, which were modified versions of products developed for the aerospace, electronics, and medical industries, these new models have been built from the ground up to accommodate the unique workflow and needs of cannabis industry professionals,” said the CEO of Cascade Botanical. “Just as importantly, the new ovens have the type of safety certification a growing number of state and local governments are beginning to require for commercial processing facilities. One of the few things that hasn’t changed is the ability of these ovens to maintain steady, even temperatures throughout allowing for consistent and predictable results.”

New Features and Functions

New TVO-5B

New TVO-5

The new Swagelock vacuum and inlet valves go from fully closed to fully open in just a quarter-turn. They also allow for more precise adjustments for times when a user may want valves partially open, such as during an initial purge.

The new controller has been programmed to include a “hold” function that prevents the temperature sensor from reacting to the dramatic temperature changes that can happen when air or nitrogen is introduced back into the chamber. This allows users to flip their slabs or perform a nitrogen flush without causing a potential temperature overshoot. The controller is more programmable and can be easily modified at the factory to meet the specific needs of individual extraction artists who may want to bring temperatures up more slowly or experiment with other customized settings.

The ovens can also be automated for commercial use and programmed to allow complex time/temperature/pressure sequences to be performed by shift workers with a push of a button

CB 2052

CB 2052 Exclusively from Cascade Botanical

CB 2052 Exclusively from Cascade Botanical

The Welch 2052B-01 has become one of the most popular oil-free vacuum pumps in the cannabis extraction business despite its relatively high price. Part of the reason for this cost is that it was designed to withstand vapors from strong, concentrated acids and corrosives, which requires the use of expensive materials for the membranes and heads. The new CB 2052 was engineered and manufactured by Welch specifically for the needs of Cascade Botanical customers. It is built to withstand exposure to butane, ethanol, propane, hexane, carbon dioxide moisture and various botanical extraction byproducts. It is identical to the Welch 2052B-01 in terms of looks and performance but uses different, less expensive membrane and head materials. It also comes equipped with a passive foreline trap and includes a connection kit to the Cascade Botanical ovens (which are normally sold separately).


About Cascade Botanical

Cascade Botanical was created in 2014 to provide vacuum oven technologies to the rapidly expanding cannabis extraction market. It is a subsidiary of Cascade TEK, a company that has been considered the gold standard in vacuum oven technology for the electronics, medical device, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries since 1992. Cascade Botanical equipment is designed and built with love in Oregon for people who demand the very best. Build quality, smart technology and stable temperatures throughout mean clean, quality extracts and unparalleled consistency time after time, run after run. Visit or @cascade_botanical on Instagram.

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