Agilent Varian IDP3We’ve added a new pump to our roster, and it’s a beauty. The Agilent Varian IDP-3 is suitable for both the TVO-2B and TVO-5B and is an ideal choice for Butane Honey Oil (BHO) manufacture, as well as other types of botanical solvent extraction or removing the moisture from CO2 extraction.

It delivers a robust pumping speed of 2.1 CFM and is capable of a base pressure of less than 2.5×10-1 Torr. However, it can also be backed off via a “gas ballast” to allow solvents to be removed while leaving terpenes and cannabinoids alone. It even includes a meter that measures run time (in hours)!

It’s relatively inexpensive and, when the time comes, it’s quick and easy to rebuild. We expect this to become one of our top sellers. Call us at 503-847-9407 and get yours today!