Welch 2052B-01This is the new CB 2052. It’s pretty much identical to the Welch 2052B-01. The biggest difference? It sells for about $1,000 less. What’s more, it comes with a passive foreline trap and the hose/hardware to connect to any Cascade oven at no extra cost.

The Welch 2052B-01 has become one of the most popular oil-free vacuum pumps in the extraction business despite its relatively high price. Part of the reason for this cost is that it was designed to withstand vapors from strong, concentrated acids and corrosives, which requires the use of expensive materials for the membranes and heads. The new CB 2052 was engineered and manufactured by Welch specifically for the needs of Cascade Botanical customers. It is built to withstand exposure to butane, ethanol, propane, hexane, carbon dioxide moisture and various botanical extraction byproducts. It is identical to the Welch 2052B-01 in terms of looks and performance but uses different, less expensive membrane and head materials.