2015120295110806 We caught up with Jamie from Dirty Arm Farm right after taking first place AND runner up wins at this year’s Portland Dope Cup. Both winning entries were live resin extractions where the plant is harvested and run without drying. It’s a lot of work and you get lower yields, but the end result is a flavor profile and experience you can’t really get any other way. The meeting took place in the heart of southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley on a beautiful October afternoon. If you’ve never had a whiff of that particular location during harvest, you don’t know what you’re missing; it’s truly sublime.

In addition to live resin BHO, Dirty Arm Farm is known for quality shatter and flower as well as its medical product line, which includes sublingual drops (branded as Sublingual Dropz).

A Dank Drank

2015-12-18_17.57.30_wmLast, but far from least in the Dirty Arm Farm product lineup is Lean Back Sizurp, which can be added to pretty much any type of carbonated beverage to create a healthy and delicious drank that is ingested faster and more easily than other edibles. According to those who have sampled it, it’s quite good.

“But why,” you may be asking yourself “would a medicinal cannabis product be named after an often abused codeine cough syrup-based concoction?” For starters, because it’s catchy. But on a more serious note, it’s because Jamie (and MANY others in the cannabis industry) don’t really see marijuana as a “gateway drug.” Indeed, for plenty of people, it’s what Jamie calls an “exit drug” – something used to help kick prescription pain killers or dependency on alcohol or other harmful drugs. The “just say no” crowd might have a hard time swallowing that message, but at this point, there are simply too many success stories to deem it unworthy of merit (just ask Derek Cummings).

Sublingual Dropz

IMG952015092095120312The Sublingual Dropz line includes a 1:1 THC/CBD product as well as a high CBD product which is being effectively used by one young cerebral palsy patient to eliminate several pharmaceuticals that help prevent muscle spasms and allow her to sleep more soundly. The concentrate is mixed with hemp seed oil and comes in a container that allows metered doses. According to Jamie, taking this medicine sublingually is one of the best ways to ensure it isn’t filtered out by the digestive system.

Like many cannabis companies deeply invested in the medical community, Dirty Arm Farm grows its own plants specifically for extracts to ensure a safe quality product that is free of mold and pesticides.

Why Cascade Botanical?

IMG_20151026_195821Jamie’s original plan was to save a few bucks to be able to hit the ground running with a small fleet of putty-colored ovens from China.

“When they arrived, I excitedly opened the first crate. But the instant I put my hand on the door handle and saw the fit and finish of these things, I knew I had made a mistake. The next day, I put them all on Craigslist, got in the car and headed to Hillsboro to pick up a couple of Cascade Botanical TVO-5B’s.”

Try it for Yourself

If you’re lucky enough to be in Oregon, you can find Dirty Arm Farm products all over the state including Ashland, Bend, Portland, Corvallis, Salem, Hood River and pretty much everywhere quality cannabis is sold. Give ‘em a try.