Dr. Dabologic

Dr. Dabologic

While many Cascade Botanical customers are running large extraction operations with multiple ovens purging 24/7 making products that are mostly bound for dispensaries, there’s another very important segment of the industry that does extractions for a smaller group of individual patients. These makers don’t pump out the same quantity as their larger counterparts, but they are every bit as fanatical about the quality of the medicine they produce due in part to the one-on-one bonds they often form with the patients they serve. In fact, this is how many of today’s best large-scale extract makers got started.

The good doctor and Dabby the Tabby.

The good doctor and Dabby the Tabby

Dabologic Extracts, which is run by Dr. Dabologic and Seymore Dabz, is based in Portland and southern Oregon. The company is currently focusing on small-batch, single-strain runs, which are often tailored to the needs of specific patients. Like many such providers, they maintain a few small grows so they can control every part of the process from seed to slab, which they maintain is the only way to be able to know with 100% certainty that they are able to offer the clean, safe meds their clients have come to expect.

Why Cascade?

The good doctor chose to go with a TVO-2B based on the quality, craftsmanship and customer service Cascade Botanical provides – values which, based on the gooey golden goodness of his own meds – are obviously important.

Cascade Botanical (3 of 3)What’s Next?

The dynamic duo is constantly working on expanding its product lineup to meet client needs. They also plan to expand in 2016 and will create products for a number of local dispensaries. However, for the moment, the best way to see the quality of what they produce is to check them out on Instagram.