Will Wenson 1Will Wenson is the owner and operator of Absolute Terps, a meticulously clean botanical extraction lab in Colorado Springs that offers processing to Colorado dispensaries (the majority of which grow a large percentage of their own plants). Armed with one of the first commercially produced EmoTek extractors and a gleaming quartet of Cascade Botanical TVO-2B ovens, he cranks out up to 10 one-pound extraction runs per day for his growing list of clients.

He approaches extraction in the same way a small-batch bourbon distiller or a craft brewer pursue their passions and prefers the results he gets by doing smaller runs purged in smaller ovens. And once you’ve seen the bounty of beautiful BHO that comes out of his lab, it’s hard to argue with his methodology.

He tries to emulate open blasting as much as possible by washing his carefully packed material without soaking. Though he does not winterize, he does use 3-micron inline filters to dewax. When purging, he prefers the “low and slow” method and typically keeps his material in the oven up to 30 hours.

Will Wenson 2As one would expect from an outfit called Absolute Terps, Will places a major emphasis in preserving terpenes and making ultra clean medicine, which is why he makes shatter exclusively, believing wax is a slightly subpar product when it comes to terpene profiles. He has recently been spending a lot of time experimenting with terpene isolation and the dramatic impact they have on the “entourage effect” (not to mention flavor) of various strains.

Like many longtime producers, he got his start with cheap imported vac ovens, but upgraded because they did not provide the quality, consistent temperatures or control he wanted. As someone who aims to stay at the forefront of the industry, he now chooses to align his business with manufacturers who share similar values and commitment to quality.

Will Wenson 3He was the first in Colorado Springs, which is a very conservative town, to get a processing license after the newest set of medical regualations. While it took a lot more time and tenacity than he expected, he is glad to have the experience of working with the various government entities to make it happen. Undoubtedly most of the other processors in town are also glad he was the one to pave the way.

To see more examples of his work, check out https://www.facebook.com/absoluteterps or @absoluteterps on Instagram.