Incredible-Extracts-3Derek Cumings (a.k.a. “D Money”) has a solid reputation as a producer of top-shelf extracts as well as a pioneer in the  edibles industry and a tireless advocate for the MMJ movement. Today he heads Incredible Extracts, which handles the extraction for its own brand of concentrates as well as all Incredibles infused edible products. Incredible Extracts also offers its own branded cannabis extractor, a sleek and sexy passive system that boasts a number of innovative design features and is ruggedly built using some very high-end components (including Swagelock valves, which are also used in Cascade Botanical ovens).

The fact that Derek has managed to become an industry icon is no accident; that came from hard work and a passion for what he does. Ironically, it was a series of tragic accidents that caused him to begin his journey. First was a fall from a cliff that broke both his legs and injured his back. Second was another fall that made his back injury significantly worse. And, because that second fall happened in the workplace (at a nice “safe” office), Derek found himself limited in the treatment options available to him.

With rods in both legs and several blown discs, Derek was suffering more than his fair share of daily pain. The solution, according to his doctors, was pills, pills and more pills.

Incredible-Extracts-2At one point he had 13 different prescriptions for a whole range of medications, including some pretty heavy-duty painkillers and sleep aids. At one point, he was taking as many as 25 pills a day. This regimen of pharmaceuticals made it hard for him to function, much less work or lead a normal life. After several near misses he attributed to the narcotics including car accidents, decreased liver function, and near overdoses, a friend suggested he try cannabis as a way to mitigate the pain.

At the time, Derek looked at marijuana as part of an “irresponsible youth,” which he had already chosen to leave behind. However, he found cannabis did give him tremendous relief. Over the next few years, he experimented with various types of extracts and edibles. As he gained more experience – and access to more and better marijuana – he began to reduce the number of pills he needed to manage his pain (much to the chagrin of his doctors).

But by then the opinion of his doctors began to matter less and less. One by one, he began tearing up prescriptions for pills he no longer needed or wanted. In the end, medical cannabis allowed him to go from 25 pills a day to about 25 pills a month.

Incredible-Extracts-1Derek saw firsthand the value of medicinal marijuana and set about to help others, which led to a lot of patient advocacy work, helping develop the model for today’s medical (and recreational) dispensaries and helping many of Denver’s top extraction facilities up and running. It also led to swapping secrets with Chris Bliss, which ultimately led to working with Rick Scarpello and Bob Eschino and the creation of Incredibles and Incredible Extracts.

The Incredible Extracts lab houses two of its own proprietary extractors, which feed two Cascade Botanical TVO-2B ovens, four TVO-5B ovens for wax and shatter production and a big convection oven for extractions bound for edibles. It’s also home to a beautiful grow operation, which provides the material for the concentrates that go directly to dispensaries.

Speaking of growing, the demand for Incredibles products is skyrocketing. They are projecting sales of more than 150,000 bars THIS MONTH, up from just over 100,000 last month. That’s a lot of BHO. More importantly, that’s a lot of happy patients and rec consumers who get to enjoy a safe, clean, accurately dosed and delicious product (delicious and accurately dosed as verified by our own anonymous independent researchers).

Why does Incredible Extracts now use Cascade Botanical ovens exclusively? According to Derek, it’s performance, the quality craftsmanship of a made-in-the-USA product and the fact that Cascade has willingly and openly embraced the botanical community. That works for us!

Thanks, Derek, for being a great customer and all that you do for your community. Follow Derek, Incredible Extracts and Incredibles on Instagram.