Here at Cascade Botanical we work to constantly improve our products and your experience, so you may have noticed that the website is a little different these days. Now, rather than purchasing your Cascade oven or vacuum pump on the Botanical site, we send you to our slick new e-commerce site. Not only do we have the original TVO-2B, TVO-5B, and vacuum oven pumps for sale on the e-commerce site, we have a whole new range of professional processing equipment that we’ve hand-selected because of their quality, NRTL Certifications and outstanding customer support. We have everything you need to consistently produce the highest quality cannabis extracts discriminating customers and patients demand!

We love our blue ovens so much that we’ve updated the Botanical brand to be true blue. So, in your pursuit of the best butane honey oil, shatter, wax, budder, sap  start at Cascade Botanical for our pro tips and then head to our e-commerce site to purchase the best tools in the business and take advantage of FREE SHIPPING!

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we continue to push out updates and improvements. Follow us on Instagram @cascade_botanical for an exciting new product we’ll be launching exclusively through Cascade Botanical in the coming months! As always, if you have questions about our products or want to get a blue box of your own, give us a call at 503-847-9047 or [email protected].

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