QuestionsWelcome to the new “Ask Cascade” series, where our staff answers questions from customers making botanical extracts. For more questions and answers, visit the Ask Cascade page on our website. If you’ve got a question of your own, email [email protected].

“Golden Delicious” from Portland writes:

Dear Cascade,

I notice you offer a nitrogen purge connection kit accessory for the ovens. Do I need that if I just want to make BHO?

Use of nitrogen isn’t an absolute requirement, but it is a far better solution than leaving an open vent port, which draws in ambient air from your lab, shop, kitchen or wherever you’re doing your purge. This air may contain dust, humidity, cat hair or whatever else is floating around the room, and that blows right onto your beautiful, sticky slab of golden deliciousness.

Nitrogen is a clean, dry inert gas and is a much better choice. Another less elegant alternative is to attach a hose to your vent port and use a paper filter to clean the air. In this case, we recommend creating a “snorkel” that draws air from somewhere besides the back of your oven.

To add nitrogen to your Cascade Botanical oven, you’ll need our nitrogen purge connection kit and a tank with a regulator like this one.