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Huge ups to Cascade for always doing their homework and making improvements on their products! I’m truly glad I’ve aligned myself with such a great company that’s about their customers and providing a premium product. Don’t hesitate with contacting them for your oven needs. They will help you every step of the way!!

– Will Wenson
Absolute Terps

My Cascade oven is one of the more important pieces of equipment that get me through my job. Especially when it comes to refining my product with precision. Whether it be wax, sugar, shatter, honey oil, tinctures, thc-a or taffy, my oven cleans it all LIKE A PRO. That’s because she’s reliable. From preparing my slabs for shattering to purging them clean, this oven does it flawlessly. I set it on my desired temp and it doesn’t rise or fall more than a few tenths of a degree at any time throughout the day.

I’m able to work without constantly worrying if my oven probe is reading the temp properly; I KNOW IT IS. For me the best part is not having to move or rotate slabs based on my oven having uneven heat distribution. The less you open it the faster they will finish! Cascade has showed me that quality can go a lot further than looking nice and functioning well. It also lasts forever without repair. I have been running my oven 5-days-a-week for more than a year without fault.

It was kinda like buying a first house. I knew it would take an initial investment and some hard labor to pay her off, but every moment was worth it and it’s part of how I was able to get to where I am today. I’ve also got the OG CASCADE TEK. First lady to buy one in COLORADO!”

– Ali Lansing
High Altitude Extracts/Sweet Mary Jane’s

Eden LabsEden Labs is proud to work with Cascade in offering the highest-quality American-made extraction equipment.

– AC Braddock
Eden Labs

Golden Ratio ExtractsGolden Ratio Extracts exclusively uses Cascade ovens. Every batch of extracts that we make tests between 0 and 20 parts per million for all residuals. We got the TVO-2B oven with the Apiom pump at the same time from Cascade. It’s a great match, allowing us to accurately control the consistency of the final product. We have had no un-wanted buttering issues because of the quality and accuracy of Cascade’s control systems and elements. We currently have three, but we can put up to six aluminum shelves in our TVO-2B allowing us to keep up with our high production capacity. The equipment purchased from Cascade has allowed us to produce such a high-quality product that our business has quickly reached a place where we need to expand with additional equipment to meet demand.

As a small business, it is important that companies we purchase our equipment from are responsive and helpful to their customers. Cascade has helped every step of the way, from initial purchasing and setup through any questions we’ve had along the way. Mary is always ready to make our experience the best possible, and we look forward to working more with Cascade in the future.

– Golden Ratio Extracts

T Beezle FarmsThe TVO-5B is by far the best vacuum oven I have ever used. It is quality-made with top-of-the-line building materials, and heats evenly and perfectly every time. In my opinion Cascade is the only choice for professionals or the serious hobbyist!

– T Beezle
T Beezle Farms

FVConcentratesA buddy in the know said Cascade is the pro solution. Cascade’s TVO-5B with extra shelves is giving us pure every time. No fuss. Love the quality. Worth every penny.

– FVConcentrates
BC Canada


I have seen all kinds of extracts and tried (most). Upgrading to the Cascade vac oven was one of the biggest improvements we have made in our BHO processing to date. Cascade isn’t just our vendor, they partner with us in bringing new innovations to the industry. Consistency, quality parts and customer service that can’t be beat, and we love that the ovens are all made in the USA and not imported from China and Korea, so we can support local family-wage jobs. Whether you are getting ready to take your extraction operation to the next level, or you are just starting out and want to go pro from the beginning, Cascade is the only way to go.

– Farmer Joe Oakes
Oregon Medical Growers

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